Restoration Work

When there is nothing else for it but to restore a car we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
No two restoration projects are ever the same, some just require minor panel work and surface respraying while others need extensive panel work and a bare metal respray.

Some require a `Body Off` job, some a chassis rebuild, with or without all the running gear overhauling or replacing, some require retrimming in whole or in part and occasionally some require the lot.

Whatever your requirements, we hope that you can see from all the photos here that you can trust us to make a proper job of it.

Restorations are never cheap so to help spread the cost a little we take `Stage Payments`which help you to budget. All restoration projects are photographed (some run to 100 pictures) and you will be presented with these on completion in the form of a computer data disc to do with as you please, so if you want to make an album for the coffee table you can.

Finished Restoration Work
Finished Work