Crypton Tuning

Crypton tuning covers two basic aspects of maintenance, firstly there is fault diagnosis. Many engine tuning faults, particularly ignition and general electrical ones can be found quickly and accurately by this method allowing for subsequent repairs to be carried out with confidence.

Secondly there is engine set up which will ensure that your car`s engine is performing at peak efficiency, delivering more power, more smoothness, more miles per gallon and improved throttle response.

Crypton tuning can also help in preventing potential problems such as burnt out valves by ensuring that the ignition timing settings and advance are correct and that the fuel/air mixture is correctly maintained thereby avoiding valve overheating or `coking up` in the combustion chambers and bore glazing.
If you have never had your engine Crypton tuned, maybe you should do so and feel the difference for yourself.

Crypton Tuning - Triumph Cars
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